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A few of the qualities that differentiate us…


In an environment of increasing globalisation, one of our strengths is an infrastructure allowing us to handle clients in Stockholm and in Milan, exactly the same. We are capable of a seamless delivery of projects across borders.

Working with multinational clients, we have succeeded in delivering a consistent message and methodology to the sales forces across several different countries. Clients perceive that we are better at doing this, than sales training companies that rely on their local representation in the respective countries.


We specialise in clients within high-tech and professional services. This focus helps us to a much deeper understanding of a clients business. Many of our clients have been surprised at the level of insight that we demonstrate in their specific area. This strongly increases the benefit of a co-operation.

Management tool

Our main focus is not to improve the skills of the individual, but rather to be a tool for the management of a company in order to increase sales force performance. Individual skills of course tend to improve as a spin-off effect…

Unique concept

We have developed a unique concept, called The Business Project. Many clients, mainly those with an extensive experience of sales training, have found this being the most effective method available on the market to develop a sales force.


Sales training companies typically train their clients in a certain range of methods. Having taught the methods they master, the co-operation frequently ends, the customer seeking something new.

To develop a high level of professionalism in a sales force, takes long-term commitment and consistency. Our unique concept, infrastructure and skill support a long-term co-operation


Our service-product is highly scalable and can be delivered to small, but also very large sales organisations. Our concept has been proved to work excellently in some of the largest projects ever delivered by a Scandinavian sales training company.


We have a significantly higher structural capital and well developed infrastructure than normally is the case with sales training companies. This enables us to deliver our services with a consistent, high and predictable quality. It perhaps should be stressed that everything we do is fully customised, however in a structured way.


Most sales training companies are methods-oriented, striving to implement their general methods (i.e. platform-segmentation or a certain questioning technique). We master most modern methods, within sales, and therefore rather choose to use whatever best fits our client’s needs.


In most areas of business there is a range of quality. Our clients and competitors consistently perceive us as being on the high-end of this scale.

Cutting edge

We were at the cutting edge of our line of business when the company was founded and have worked since to maintain that position. Co-operation with demanding clients, themselves being at the cutting edge in their respective areas, has of course contributed to this ambition.

Track record

We have contributed to significant sales increases of more clients than most sales training companies. This is a part of the explanation why so many clients have continued to work with us, for so many years.