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We are right for you if you:

- wish to increase sales
- face changes
- understand that it takes long-term and consistency
- are aware of the principle;no pain, no gain
- are prepared to give priority to a sales project
- consider the sales force as an important competitive tool
- are more into doing… than into talking

We are wrong for you if you:

- look for a motivational kick
- share a belief in the power of the quick-fix
- value the individual more than the team
- look mainly for skills training
- let staff manage themselves
- wish to outsource responsibility
- value low cost over high performance


Venture Capital services - right:

- if you take an active role as investor
- if you show strong intrest in the activity of portfolio companies
- if you value external know-how
- if you evaluate services with investment thinking
- if you like to check "just a little bit more" prior to investing
- if you are prepared to take action to improve performance
- if you mainly invest in expansion and buy-out
- if portfolio companies work business-to-business

Venture Capital services - wrong:

- if you have a passive role as investor
- if you rely entirely on in-house analysis
- if you dislike additional cost in a deal apart from capital invested
- if you share a belief that company value at an exit is based on its financial merits alone
- if you invest mainly in early stages
- if portfolio companies sell through the internet or to consumers