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We increase sales

Vendor is active in development of sales organisations, normally called sales training. Mainly working with clients in high technology, financial and professional services. We are more concerned with increasing the actual sales results, than with the training of the individual sales person.

We are specialised exclusively in delivery of projects, in a market dominated by courses. The company is completely geared to enable a skilful and swift delivery of projects creating a real change, in the area of sales.

While most of today’s sales training is carried out as short-term actions, geared to improve selling skills, we focus on increasing sales and on the on-going performance uplift. This makes us an excellent long-term partner.

We have developed a unique delivery mechanism, that enables a quick and radical improvement of the sales performance. At the same time, the content of each project we deliver is fully customised. We train the sales force in how to sell their specific products or services to their specific customers, rather than training general methods.

Venture Capital firms

We offer several unique services to Venture Capital firms.

Before an investment - to more precisely evaluate future revenue generation in a potential investment. Portfolio companies - to enchance revenue generation capability and thus value of the company for existing investments. Exit - to increase attractiveness of a company in the process of offering the company to a buyer.